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Collingwood Live & Original Music Series -2017 Winners

By the way, $3000 in the music world is the equivalent to $10,000 in the real world, sadly. We are already putting the funds to use by putting finishing touches on four previously recorded songs so we can get them on iTunes and are looking to print a promotional EP on CD for purchase at upcoming shows as well as new merch.

I entered us into this on a whim when I kept hearing the ad on the radio (93.1fm) when I was driving my kids to school each morning on. When we found out we were in the top 10, we got excited to even be a part of this event. The L&O, run by the Town of Collingwood was so well organized and professional. They truly are there to cherish and develop artists and it was shown through the workshops and recording session they provided. There was so much learning and meeting wonderful people and musicians during the event. Specific thanks to Rosemarie, Dean, Tyler, Josh and Roger just to name a few. Huge shout out to our fellow Barrie musicians, Courtney Dubois who took 2nd place and Whisky River in 3rd. Also to be named as top 6 finalist are Barrie talents, Vokal Legend, Noelle Cyr and Cam Brown.

As a band we have always done what we want simply for the fun of it. We like to challenge ourselves to continually grow but always on our own terms with not a lot of external input. So to be recognized and acknowledged in this capacity is overwhelming and quite emotional for us. We are so inspired and motivated to keep creating and working with other community members to express ourselves.

We all have full time jobs and families and other big priorites, but this band is something we always make time for. It's our outlet, our time with friends, our safe place and our family. Thank you for being on this journey with us.

-Cara xx

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