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It has been quite the year for us. We played more shows than ever and have truly developed as artists. We found our place as a band and are concluded this season by releasing a new EP and a music video.

The video for Invitations by our friend, Adam Bialo from Kontakt Films was filmed in our jam space solely by him. 10 hours with one camera and a second for the live portion. He came back to us with his first draft of edits and we didn't change a thing! Such a pro and a pleasure to work with.

We'd likely to personally thank Will Crann for his guidance, patience and talent in the production and engineering on these three tracks.

We will now take some time to write, create and welcome two new band members. Both Brit and Sarah M are expecting babies later this summer and we are taking time off from playing shows until they get their bearings a new mothers. We thank you for the continued love, support and inspiration.

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