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"A group of four friends rocking out which transcends the music and makes the performance."
-M.H. -

In 2009, three women with little training or experience, picked up some instruments and started jamming for fun. Little did they know how fast or hard they would fall in love with making music. After inviting Sarah H. to play in 2011, The Rip Nancies were born. The band spent their first year together focused on creating a set of covers that was fun, eclectic and rocked the pants off anyone who listened.
After acquiring the talent of Sarah M. on bass in spring 2014, the original sound of the Nancies was established as an eclectic blend of indie pop, rock and punk vibes.  

Their ripping tones and up-beat garage rock sounds that will have you dancing throughout their entire set.

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Sarah Hull- guitar

Brit Lobsinger- drums

Cara Spearin- vocals

Sarah Morano- bass

"Truly a force. A band that is both classic and contemporary with very strong songs and performance."


-Jeff Woods

speaker & author of "Radio, Records & Rockstars"

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